We help companies interact with their audience on a human level to accomplish business goals through engaging content.


As we saw businesses struggle to engage with their audience on a human level, our team wanted to create a way for people to easily share their knowledge online with their audience; thus, Lead Excess was born.

Lead Excess is a lead generation marketing agency based in Parkville, MO Our goal as an organization is to help our clients find balance in their content marketing and generating business through new clientele.

Lead Excess was founded on the belief that the best content establishes trust, breathes authenticity, and provides readers with true value. The way to create this content is through working with experts and extracting their knowledge.

We wanted to create a company to help business leaders share their expertise through re-branding and positioning them as an authority in the market.

LeadExcess, dedication, and enthusiasm helped us grow to a new level. We are proud to say that since we started working together, the company has made doubled our monthly revenue from the number of qualified leads we brought in.


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